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As Commonwealth Attorney, experience is vital, and I have the experience that matters to effectively serve.  I have the experience to handle complex criminal cases. For the past three years, I have served as the Chief of Military Justice (lead prosecutor) in the U.S. Army Reserves. I handle serious cases day in and day out.  I’ve also spent nine years as a defense attorney, representing over 3,000 individuals. Throughout my career, both in my civilian practice and in the military, I have handled numerous jury trials. I’ve been willing and able to take difficult cases to trial and achieve success. I have dealt with cases involving all sorts of heinous crimes, including murder, rape, armed robbery, serious drug charges, and crimes of violence against the elderly and the young. I am ready to take on any case necessary to achieve justice in our county.

I will ensure that victims have a voice in the matters I prosecute, and when they are unable to speak for themselves, I will be their voice. I will fight to protect those vulnerable to violence and abuse. Through the years I have been the advocate for domestic assault victims, neglected children, and elderly adults abused by their caretakers, and I have fought for their best interests. Anyone who victimizes a member of our community will be held accountable for their actions in Nelson courts.

I will be proactive within the community to address safety concerns of Nelson citizens. I believe that success in law enforcement is measured by crimes that are prevented, not by the number of convictions secured or the length of sentences. I will work as a team with our Sheriff’s Office and State Police to deter crime before it happens. I believe to be effective in seeking justice, a good Commonwealth Attorney should work in the community to understand the struggles that individuals or businesses undergo as victims of a crime, and try and identify the factors that contribute to increases or decreases in local crime rates. It is of extreme importance to me that Nelson County remain a family oriented and safe community.

I will vigorously prosecute distribution of drugs. This problem is serious and ongoing. As Nelson County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney I will work alongside the Sheriff’s Department and Law Enforcement Community to make clear that distribution of illegal drugs within Nelson County will bring stiff jail sentences and forfeiture of money and property used in the crime. I will not tolerate those who sell the drugs that are ruining lives in our community.